2019 Animal Drawings for Animal Lovers

If you're an art lover and animal lover, then, of course, you also love animal drawings. Whether you enjoy seeing artist's work, or creating yourself, drawings of animals create an intimate connection to the fascination of animals.

Animals hold a special attraction for animal lovers, both adults and children and they present a special challenge for artists. Drawing animals is both exciting and rewarding.

Where Can I Find Original Animal Drawings?

Many incredibly talented artists specialize in drawing animals. A good animal drawing is valuable in many ways. It is something to be admired and enjoyed. 

You can learn a great deal about animals by studying the artwork of animal artists. You can find original animal art and animal prints at art galleries and festivals as well as online. 

Do you have an animal drawing that you would like to share? Keep reading to see animal drawings shared by visitors to this site.

How to Draw Animals

So what do you want to draw? Do you have a favorite animal? Do you want to pick up a pencil and draw your favorite animal, but don't know where to begin?

Big Book of Drawing Animals

Of course, if you're an animal lover, you'll also want to learn to draw animals. To begin with, there are certain characteristics that nearly all animals have in common.

Research the animal that you wish to learn to draw. Learn to understand the structure of animals. Nearly every animal at it's simplest, is a matter of ovals and straight and curved lines. There are certain body basics in the animal kingdom that are amazingly similar, while little details make up the difference.

Essential Tools for Drawing

If you want to draw animals, you should also have the right tools to begin with. Tools and supplies can make the difference in how your drawing turns out. Get a good graphite pencil sketch kit to make your efforts become much easier. Use quality paper or art board, and of course, get a good eraser. You'll need it!

Drawing Horses - Creatures of Beauty

The horse is a creature of beauty and is beloved by millions of horse lovers. Drawing the horse creates a special challenge for artists.

The horse is one of the closest animals to humans and has been useful to them for thousands of years.

How do you draw a horse?

If you're truly determined to learn about drawing a  horse, you need to also understand horse anatomy and know just where contour and mass take place, as well as what makes it take place. Recognize the deep muscles of the hind quarters, the flow of lines, the length of the neck and head. Some horses have heavy muscles that illustrate a powerful confirmation.

There are also various movements of a horse that need to be understood as you undertake drawing a horse. A gallop, trot and fast run will all place the horse's body into different positions with the feet in varying  movements. A jumping horse creates a new dilemma.

Drawing Wildlife and Creating Animal Art

Animals in the wild are elusive and fascinating. Drawing wild animals brings us a little closer to understanding and appreciating their true nature.

Understanding the inner anatomy of the animal will help to make you a better artist. The animal world never ceases to offer a stimulating challenge to artists. Diverse shapes and textures make animals perpetually interesting.

Drawing wild animals is exciting and richly rewarding. Click here to learn more about drawing wildlife

Animal Drawing for Kids

Drawing animals is an important element of a child's educational development.

Kids are naturally attracted to animals. In fact, many children can draw before they can even write their own name!

Simple outline drawings are easy for beginners and are not only fun, but quick to draw. 

How to Draw Almost Every Animal

More Reading for Drawing Animals

Keep reading, practicing and learning about animals to help your artistic talents grow! Here's a list of animal drawing books that I highly recommend for your personal drawing library.

  • How to Draw Animals by Jack Hamm - Details about drawing various animals.  Recognizing the various skeletal and muscular differences in a wide variety of animals. How to draw animal eyes, noses, legs, feet and more.