Pencil Drawing for Everyone

Hi, I'm Maria. I love pencil drawings, and since you're here, I'll bet you do too!

I've created to share not only my pencil drawings but to also share my drawing tips and create a place for you to share your pencil drawings!

Whether you're a collector looking for original art or an art student who is developing your skills, or just someone who loves to draw, I hope that you'll enjoy your time here.

Drawing is an art form that anyone can do. You can jump into at any age, and it's really fun, too!

Like any skill, it takes time to master drawing. However, if you start simple and keep learning, you'll soon be drawing more complex and rewarding subjects. 

Pencil Drawing for Art Lovers

Pencil drawing is an art foundation that is an essential element of all other art forms, from painting to photography. Drawing with a pencil develops creativity, brain cognitive skills, and hand coordination.

It's never been easier to enjoy drawings from beginner to advanced from artists around the world.

Animal Drawings for Animal Lovers

Do you have a special fascination with animals? Do you love animal drawings? You can learn more about drawing animals by clicking here. Perhaps you're a horse lover? Click here to learn about drawing horses. I also have wildlife drawings and cat drawings for your enjoyment!